Sowing Sherwood



Sherwood Community Pro Bono Graphic Design

Whilst my client base is national, I wanted to support this community initiative because it’s local to me here at Mad Cat Towers. So I offered my design services ‘pro bono’.  Sowing Sherwood, strives to regenerate unappealing concrete areas in to little gardens of loveliness by getting local people involved in seed planting in unexpected areas. A fantastic project which is great for getting neighbours talking to one another, encouraging pride in the area and generally making it an even nicer place to live. And it is a nice place to live ?

The project included the design of a logo, double sided flyer, poster and facebook cover image.

The details . .

Fundamentally, the initiative was about community involvement, urban regeneration and to raise awareness of food sustainability. Designs needed to come across as friendly and community orientated.

I wanted the headline graphics to be friendly, location orientated, enticing and to a certain extent ‘self-explanatory’. As a child friendly project, I wanted to design something, a child would want to pick up as much as their parents would.

I created a logo, which is based on the stunning mosaic sign that stands proudly in the centre of Sherwood and in my opinion, couldn’t do a better job of encapsulating the essence of our little corner of Great Britain. So rather than reinvent the wheel I approached the artist Sophie Robins, who very graciously allowed me to photograph, vectorise and alter the colour and to then incorporate it in to a new, eye catching logo.

As a community project I wanted the logo to be easily identifiable as belonging to the local area. The stunning sign, pictured here, stands proudly at the centre of Sherwood, we thought it ideal, both for its’ connotations of nature and for the location recognition it triggers with local people.

Mozaic Artist Sophie Robins, very kindly allowed us to use the ‘Sherwood’ part of her creation within the logo.