Every business owner knows that marketing is key to the success of their business. Whether you sit behind a vast mahogany desk in a plush penthouse office or behind a tiny crowded counter of a one man retail outlet, effective marketing brings in the money.

However, whilst Mr Mahogany Desk has an army of skilled marketers beavering away in their various fields of expertise, Mr Crowded Counter has got to the do the whole lot himself. And he’s a busy man on a quiet day.

Marketing challenges faced by the microbusiness

Marketing Challenges – Big Business v Micro Business

Marketing techniques have been pretty much been turned on their head over the last decade, we are in the sparkly new age of technology, which is ever evolving and buyer behaviour is evolving with it. Nothing is standing still and to survive Mr Crowded Counter has to somehow keep up.

So, to offer Mr Crowded Counter a helping hand, I thought it would be useful to share the knowledge I have gleaned over the years in various marketing roles that have spanned industries and sectors. I’m a straight talker and keep a common sense eye on trends and hopefully ‘cut through the guff’. I will break down the jargon and explain the various social media platforms, technical terminology and gauge their importance, offer tips & tricks and generally offer practical advice to businesses on a tight budget.

Your priorities for this will no doubt be keeping costs low and your time to a minimum, as with all my posts, these factors will take centre stage, as they do for you.