We offer an effective & affordable way to get your business or project noticed online.

With a mix of creative flare, proven marketing experience and detail orientated dedication we deliver bespoke solutions to small businesses.

Whether you want a new website, graphic design services, online marketing or strategy planning . . .

We listen to your needs, take your budget in to consideration and respond with a creative and results driven approach to attract new customers to your business online.

What our clients say about us

“Mad Cat Marketing have done a first class job for us, could not have asked for better. It is just what we wanted, perfect! Thanks again.”

Norman Carrick

Owner, Anchor Free Full House Clearances - Newcastle

“Mad Cat Marketing have been great all the way through, very understanding and have created exactly what I wanted and I will recommend them and use them for my other businesses in the near future. The website looks beautiful, I’m really happy with it.” Shahid Hussain

Owner, E6 Cars, London

“Super happy with the new logo designs. They are outstanding!”

Peter Harding

Co-Founder, Cat on the Howling Moon Records, Philadelphia, USA

“It was a pleasure working with Cathy, she’s a good listener and efficient at work. Any issues or problems were dealt with immediately. She also worked at a good pace and my website was complete within two weeks and I am happy with the result. Once again a pleasure to work with.” Wajid Hussain

Owner, South Woodford Cars - London

Does your Online Marketing Plan need a spring clean?

  Does your Online Marketing Plan need a spring clean?   Finally, we can get home from work in daylight, the tax man has had his pound of year-end flesh and we can nudge the heating down (a bit). But apart from excitedly waiting for the next...
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Audience Breakdown of Users by Social Media channel

Social Media Platforms; Who uses what? We can spend a lot of valuable time on social media channels when marketing our business. But are we using the best platforms? What types of people are our customers? And what social media channels do they use? Below is a...
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Join the twitter chorus

Join the twitter chorus This is how! “Tweeting”, “Hashtag” this. “Retweet” that. You hear about it all the time, from the BBC News to people on the bus. And everyone says that you should be using it to market your business. And...
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FREE DOWNLOADS: Vintage Style Sale Graphics

Fantastic graphics with transparent backgrounds which are perfect for social media & leaflet design! Just download & crop the ones you want to use!

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Facebook Jargon Buster & ‘How to’ Links

Facebook Jargon Buster & 'How tos'   Term Explanation Facebook Post Facebook status update Facebook Post Like Someone clicks ‘Like’ on a specific update (which shows in their feed) Facebook Post Share Someone clicks ‘Share’ on a specific update (which adds...
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How to crack facebook

How to crack facebook As the most popular social media platform that reaches the widest range of people it would be rude not to start here. There are two main ways facebook can be highly beneficial to your business; to sell your products &/or services to manage...
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FREE DOWNLOADS: Spook up your brand

Spook up your brand this Halloween Free graphic downloads Add a few spooky touches to your brand this Halloween using these images with transparent backgrounds. How do we do that without using an expensive design program I hear you say? Well, there are some great free...
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Reviewing Weird & Wonderful Business Cards

Reviewing weird & wonderful business cards Business cards. One small piece of card and so say so much. Card’s aren’t just to hand out and forget about, they are to send a strong message about why that person should take notice of your business. There...
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SEO Jargon Buster

SEO Jargon Buster Algorithm Step by step procedure for a specific calculation. In this case it is the contents of a program that measures a websites importance. Authorship mark up Linking an individuals google plus account to the content they create on a website...
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SEO – what’s it all about?

SEO - what is it & how to win it You may have heard the term but don’t know what it means, or you do but would like to know a bit more about it. The below is a summary of SEO in 2014 and includes tips on how to improve yours. It is hopefully both easy to...
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